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I have a strange problem with Microsoft Teams, I hope someone can help me to fix it. I have deleted a team and restore it by applying these steps in Azure Active Directory. but the deleted team still not restored although I waited for more than 24 hours as Microsoft said in the documentation.

Now, the restored team is not listed in the deleted groups in Azure Active Directory, even using PowerShell Get-AzureADMSDeletedGroup the team is not listed to be able to restore it!

I also have tried to create and delete another team for the test, and it has been restored in few minutes successfully but this team is not restored yet. Please, Help!

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I such cases, you have to contact Microsoft Support to can help you further.
However, I would first suggest checking the Archived teams and ensure that the restored team is not listed there!
Maybe this team was archived when you deleted it, and in this case, it will be restored in the Archived section, not in the Teams section!

How to find Archived Teams in Microsoft Teams?

  • Open Microsoft Teams Desktop Client App or web.
  • Click on the Teams tab.
  • Go down, and besides Join or create a Team, click on the gear settings icon to manage your teams.
    Manage Teams Settings
  • At the Teams tab, you will find all Active and Archived teams list that you can manage.
  • At the Archived section, check if the restored team is listed or not before contacting Microsoft Support
    Where I can find the archived teams in Microsoft Teams

Note: If you delete an archived team and then try to restore it, it will be restored in the Archived section, and it will not be listed in the Teams section until you restore it.

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