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Today, we are gonna explore a Coding pack for Python as a great Visual Studio code extension that helps you to  set up Python coding with Visual Studio Code.

What is Coding Pack? 

Coding Packs are specialized installs of Visual Studio Code that are pre-configured for specific coding environments. 

When the program has been installed it will download these with it 

  • Installs VS Code.
  • Installs a specific runtime (Python, Java, etc.)
  • Installs essential extensions Ensures installs happen under the user scope so as not to require administrator permissions. 

Install Coding Pack for Python

  • After installation completes, select Next. 
  • then click on the lunch Visual Studio code button.

Simple example: print hello world  with python

After launching the visual studio code, click on Explorer and select the New File button.

Name the file hello.py, and it automatically opens in the editor and then enters a simple code that prints a message  

msg = "Hello World" 

Note that when you start typing, IntelliSense will be triggered and will facilitate code completion automatically 


Execute the code by click on the play button.

Great, you can see now the result in the terminal screen  as below

Download link

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