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In Kubernetes Learning Path from zero to hero, Microsoft has introduced an awesome guide to learn Kubernetes in 50 days.


One of the good references in this guide is "Learn Kubernetes Basics" by Brendan Burns

Brendan Burns is a distinguished engineer at Microsoft Azure and cofounder of the Kubernetes open source project. follow him at twitter @brendandburns

Learn Kubernetes Basics | Series Videos

In this series, you will learn

  • Understand Serverless Kubernetes and Serverless on Kubernetes
  • How the Kubernetes scheduler works
  • Setting up a Kubernetes build pipeline
  • Overview of common Kubernetes scenarios
  • How volumes and storage work in Kubernetes
  • The basics of stateful applications in Kubernetes
  • Understand secrets management in Kubernetes
  • How Kubernetes and Configuration Management works
  • Understand Role-Based Access Control in Kubernetes
  • Getting production-ready in Kubernetes
  • How Service Meshes Work in Kubernetes
  • Simple Application Management on Kubernetes with Operators
  • Getting Started With Monitoring and Alerting for Kubernetes
  • How Pods and the Pod Lifecycle work in Kubernetes
  • Why you should care about containers.
  • How Kubernetes works
  • Customizing and Extending the Kubernetes API with Admission Controllers

To open the course playlist, Please, click on the Playlist button on the top right corner in the below video window!

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