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Our company has microsoft 365, does it run the power app or I'm supposed to request the company to purchase per app plan?

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Do Power Apps Licenses include with Microsoft 365?

As a short answer: Yes one of the ways to use PowerApps is through Microsoft 365, so you can use PowerApps if you have a license through Office 365 and it will run at no additional charge.

Power Apps/Power Automate capabilities for Microsoft 365 enable users to extend and customize the Office experience with Power Apps and Power Automate. Users can create applications and flows based on Microsoft 365 data. These productivity apps can also utilize data outside of Microsoft 365 by connecting to common services including Box.com, Facebook, and many more via the use of standard connectors. Read more at Licensing overview for Microsoft Power Platform

Capabilities included with Power Apps for Microsoft 365 plan.

Here is a brief overview of capabilities included with the Power Apps for the Microsoft 365 plan.

power apps licenses with Microsoft 365

More details around which Microsoft 365 plans include these capabilities can be found in Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate Licensing Guide

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