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Today, we're gonna list most of Power Apps resources that would help you to learn, receive the latest insights, exclusive news, surveys, tips and advice, and other information for getting the most out of Power Apps.

What’s Microsoft Power Apps?

What's Microsoft powerapps?Microsoft Power Apps is a business app creator from Microsoft Power Platform, associated with the Office 365 tools to build custom apps and drive process automation.

  • Power Apps provides developers or non-technical users with a very quick application development environment that is mostly based on drag and drop techniques. And this is the aim of Power Apps that every Power user can create a custom app, as there are No programming or app development skills required.
  • Power Apps help you to build apps for mobiles and the web to fit your business need and take action on your data from your different device, without the time and expense of traditional software development.

In general, we can say that the Power Apps is a collection of apps, services, and connectors that works together to help you access your data and update it from any device and it can be also called a Microsoft no-code / low-code development platform.

Watch this video to get a quick introduction to Power Apps.

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Top Power Apps ResourcesBest Resources for learning Power Apps

Our Microsoft Power Apps resources will be divided into the following main sections:

  1. Power Apps Learning Path.
  2. Power Apps Documentations.
  3. Power Apps Announcements and Features Summary Monthly Updates.
  4. Power Apps Roadmap.
  5. Power Apps Communities.
  6. Power Apps Events.
  7. Power Apps Certificates.
  8. Power Apps App Source.
  9. Power Apps valuable Web Sites and Blogs.
  10. Power Apps Microsoft MVPs List.
  11. Power Apps Youtube Channels.
  12. Power Apps LinkedIn Learning Courses.
  13. Power Apps on GitHub.
  14. Power AppsSocial Media Channels.

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Power Apps Resources Learning List1) Microsoft Power Apps Learning Path

Microsoft Learn is a well-organized and high-value content provided by Microsoft as a free online documentation service. Currently, Microsoft Learning Path introduces about 24 learning paths for Power Apps, and we're gonna order this list from beginner to advanced level as the following:

Microsoft Power Apps Learning Path for Beginner (7)

  1. Microsoft Power Platform Fundamental
  2. Create a canvas app in Power Apps
  3. Create a model-driven application in Power Apps
  4. Get started using Dataverse
  5. Prepare to complete the Project Specialist Technical Achievement
  6. Create apps, chatbots, flows, and more with Microsoft Dataverse and Teams
  7. Transform your business applications with fusion development

Microsoft Power Apps Learning Path for Intermediate (11)

  1. Manage permissions and administration for Dataverse
  2. Use best practices to secure and govern Microsoft Power Platform environments
  3. Use the UI and controls in a canvas app in Power Apps
  4. Use basic formulas to make better Power Apps canvas apps
  5. Create relationships, business rules, calculations, and rollups in Dataverse
  6. Work with data in a Power Apps canvas app
  7. Introduction to developing with Microsoft Power Platform
  8. Get Started with Power Apps portals
  9. Extending Microsoft Power Platform user experience Model-Driven apps
  10. Work with Power Apps portals
  11. Extending Microsoft Power Platform Microsoft Dataverse

 Microsoft Power Apps Learning Path for Advanced (11)

  1. Administer Power Apps portals
  2. Extend Power Apps portals
  3. Master advanced techniques for Power Apps canvas apps
  4. Create components with Power Apps Component Framework
  5. Integrate with Microsoft Power Platform and Dataverse
  6. Solution Architect: Design Microsoft Power Platform solutions
  7. Use advanced data options and connectors in Power Apps

2) Microsoft Power Apps Documentations

Like all Microsoft products, Power Apps has fully detailed documentation that would help you to learn and get all information you need to work with Power Apps.

You can browse the full documentation directory for Power Apps at Microsoft Power Apps documentation

Microsoft Power Apps Tutorials

Also, you can learn more about Developer resources for Power Apps through these other resources:

 Moreover, you can find Power Apps guidance documentation that provides best practice information from the team that works with our enterprise customers at the following:

Power BI Announcements3) Power Apps Announcements and Features Summary Monthly Updates

Like most of the Power Platform Components, Also Power Apps has a great site to announce the new updates and announcements, and to follow up the new Power Apps announcements, updates, and features you have to check the below links

4) Microsoft Power Apps Roadmap

A product roadmap is a high-level visual summary that maps out the vision and direction of your product offering over time.
In Power Apps, you can follow up the Microsoft Power Apps roadmap and also check What's new and planned for Power Apps?

Microsoft Power Apps Roadmap

If you have an idea related to Power Apps you can share it at Power Apps Ideas

Power BI Q&A Communities5) Power Apps Q&A Communities

Power Apps has a great Q&A community to ask questions and receive answers from experts in the community.
Also in deBUG.to, we have a main category for Power Apps to provide high-quality answers by Microsoft MVPs and other experts in our community.

If you have an issue and you need a Power Apps support from Microsoft, you can contact Microsoft team at Power Apps Support 

Event6) Power Apps Upcoming Events

There are many events mainly related to Power Platform and specifically for Power Apps, here, we are trying to list most of the upcoming Power Apps events, webinars, user groups, and conferences.

Power BI Certificates7) Power Apps Certificates

Currently, there are 5 certificates related directly to Power Apps categorized as Intermediate, Advanced. 

Power Apps Certificates for Intermediate (3 Certificates)

  1. Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Functional Consultant Associate.
  2. Microsoft Certified: Power Platform App Maker Associate
  3. Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Developer Associate

Power Apps Certificates for Advanced (2 Certificates)

  1. Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 + Power Platform Solution Architect Expert
  2. Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Solution Architect Expert

8) Power Apps in App Source

Microsoft AppSource is an online store that contains thousands of business applications and services built by industry-leading software providers. You can use AppSource to find, try, buy, and deploy the business software and services that help you run your business.

In the App source, there are more than 632 results in apps related to Power Apps and Power Platform.

Microsoft App Source for Power Apps

Also, you may find the below Marketplace extensions are helpful for you:

  1. Power Platform Tools
  2. Power Platform Build Tool
  3. PowerApps Ox Build Tools

Power Apps Blog List9) Power Apps Blogs Sites

Actually, there are many awesome Power Apps bloggers, but we here trying to list the most valuable blogs specifically related to Power Apps and Power Platform in general.

  1. Power Platform Geeks
  2. Microsoft Power Apps Offical Blog
  3. Power Apps Geeks
  4. Power Apps Community Blogs
  5. April Dunnam
  6. Reza
  7. The Power Addict
  8. Power Apps Exchange Community Blog
  9. Power Apps for newbies
  10. Matthew Devaney
  11. Practical Power Apps
  12. ReadyXRM
  13. Alphabold
  14. Power Apps Guides

Find more blogs about Power Apps at Power Apps Blogs 

Power Apps MVPs10) Business Application Microsoft MVPs List

There are about 371 MVPs over the world who were awarded the most valuable professional award from Microsoft in the business application category,

Browse the MVPs list and find the experts in your country at Microsoft MVPs, You might also like to browse the list of Power Apps employees in Microsoft on LinkedIn.

Power Apps Courses11) Power Apps Youtube Channels

Below is the list of popular Power Apps channels on Youtube:

  1. Power Platform Geeks (Arabic and English)
  2. Microsoft Power Apps Offical
  3. Free Power Apps Course - Complete tutorial step by step
  4. Reza Dorrani
  5. April Dunnam
  6. Shane Young
  7. Lisa Crosbie
  8. Dhruvin Shah
  9. PowerApps Channel 9

Power Apps courses on LinkedIn12) Power Apps LinkedIn Learning Courses

Below is the list of popular Power Apps courses on LinkedIn Learning:

  1. Learning Microsoft Power Apps
  2. Microsoft Power Apps Essential Training: Beyond the Basics
  3. Microsoft Power Apps Essential Training: The Basics
  4. Microsoft PowerApps: Using the Common Data Service
  5. Power Apps: Building Data-Driven Apps
  6. SharePoint: Mobilizing Workflows with PowerApps
  7. SharePoint Online: Migrating from InfoPath to PowerApps
  8. Microsoft Power Platform Foundations
  9. Microsoft Power Apps: Using the Dataverse
  10. Microsoft Power Apps: AI Builder
  11. Microsoft Power Platform Foundations (2020)
  12. Microsoft Teams: Building Custom Apps with the Dataverse
  13. Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform

Power BI Github13) Power Apps on GitHub

Below is the list of the valuable repositories and Users on GitHub:

  1. April Dunnam
  2. Reza Dorrani
  3. Dhruvinshah16
  4. Eickhel
  5. Rsantos00
  6. Scottdurow
  7. E-gallis

Power Apps on Social Networks14) Power Apps on Social Media

Below is the list of popular Twitter accounts and Facebook groups that mainly related to PowerApps:

  1. Power Platform Geeks (بالعربي)
  2. Microsoft Power Apps
  3. Power Apps (by Collab365)
  4. Power Apps & Power Automate
  5. Shane Young PowerApps MVP
  6. Reza Dorrani
  7. April Dunnam
  8. Matthew Devaney
  9. Scott Durow
  10. Lisa Crosbie

Note: We're gonna update this list periodically, also, if you have any high-quality resources that make an impact on the community please, share them in the comments! 

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