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Is there any way to connect or integrate the planner tasks to Power BI, So that if a new task is added, the result appears in Power BI?

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Is it possible to integrate Microsoft Planner tasks with Power BI

Yes, you can use Power Automate to integrate your Planner tasks with Power BI.


  1. Create a new flow in Power Automate and select the "Planner" trigger.
  2. Then Choose the "When a task is created or modified" trigger and connect it to your planner account.
  3. Then add a new action to your flow and select the "Power BI" connector.
  4. Choose the "Add row to a table" action and connect it to your Power BI account.
  5. Configure the "Add row to a table" action to add the newly created or modified task to a specific table in your Power BI dataset.
  6. Finally, save and test your flow.
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