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During Microsoft Build 2323, an exciting announcement was made regarding the introduction of AI copilot within Microsoft Power Pages (currently in Public Preview).

Copilot in Power Pages

With Copilot in Power Pages, now in preview,

  • Users can increase productivity and speed up the website building process by generating text, creating complex forms, contextual chatbots and web page layouts and creating and editing image and site design themes for rapid visual setup and customization.
  • Auto-generate tables in Dataverse, which allow users to edit, remove or add fields using natural language input.
  • Supports one-click chatbot activation, allowing users to quickly build websites.

This is possible in minutes using natural language input and intelligent suggestions!

Copilot in Power Pages

In this video, you will learn how to can use Copilot in Power Pages to speed up the website building and how customers build and launch data-centric websites for their businesses.

To watch the demo seek to the 24-minute mark in the video.

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