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During Microsoft Build 2323, an exciting announcement was made regarding the introduction of a a next-generation AI copilot within Microsoft Power Apps, ushering in a transformative era for software application development and interaction.

AI Copilot in Microsoft Power Apps

Through the utilization of Copilot in Power Apps, makers are granted the ability to effortlessly initiate the app creation process with a simple few words in natural language.  By envisioning and articulating their requirements, makers can witness the instantaneous generation of their application within Power Apps, inclusive of a fully functional data table and backend logic.

Accelerate the data-driven app development in Power Apps

In this video, you will learn how developers can rapidly build solutions in Power Apps by simply dragging and dropping or linking to a data source like Excel, and then build the UI on top of that data to cccelerate the data-driven app development in Power Apps

To watch the demo seek to the 8-minute mark in the video.

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