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Microsoft Build is the biggest annual conference event held by Microsoft, it is aimed at software engineers and developers using Microsoft technologies. 

To learn more about Microsoft Build, Please check What's Microsoft Build? 

At Microsoft Build 2022, Microsoft introduced more than 50+ new updates and services across the tech stack to make creating easier for every developer.

Microsoft Build 2022 updates

In this post, we're gonna briefly talk about the Collaborative Apps and Live Share in Microsoft Teams that Satya Nadella introduced in Microsoft Build 2022.

Announcing Live Share in Microsoft Teams 

You can build a new class of collaborative applications with Microsoft graph which underlies Microsoft 365 and makes available to you information about people their relationships and all of their artifacts.

Microsoft Graph

More than half of the Microsoft 365 tenants are using custom-built and third-party apps powered by the graph.

Microsoft Teams collaboration apps

When you combine the Microsoft graph with Microsoft teams you combine the data that describes how people work together with the place they work together.

It's incredibly powerful and developers are extending their apps into teams and embedding teams in their apps.

In fact, monthly usage of third-party apps and custom-built solutions on teams has grown 10x over the last two years and more and more.

growth usage in collaborative apps in teams

In Microsoft Build 2022, Microsoft announced the Live Share experience for apps and teams meetings to offer real-time collaborative software development capabilities for some time now in the visual studio live share and now Microsoft is bringing real-time collaborative meeting capabilities to teams with the live share experience.

Live share in Microsoft Teams

To learn more about Live Share:

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