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Microsoft Build is the biggest annual conference event held by Microsoft, it is aimed at software engineers and developers using Microsoft technologies. 

To learn more about Microsoft Build, Please check What's Microsoft Build? 

At Microsoft Build 2022, Microsoft introduced more than 50+ new updates and services across the tech stack to make creating easier for every developer.

Microsoft Build 2022 updates

In this post, we're gonna briefly talk about the Hybrid AI Announcements that Satya Nadella introduced in Microsoft Build 2022.

Announcing Hybrid Loop Development Pattern

Whether to run inference on Azure or the local client it can also dynamically shift the load between clients and the cloud this is what Microsoft is calling the hybrid loop.

Announcing Hybrid Loop Development Pattern

The hybrid loop is a powerful, cross-platform development pattern for building AI experiences spanning the cloud and edge.

Announcing Project Volterra

Also, Microsoft has announced its first ARM desktop PC in the form of a developer kit it calls "Project Volterra"

  • It's a small, Mac mini-style desktop that's designed to help developers build apps that leverage the power of AI using a built-in neural processing unit (NPU) built by Qualcomm.
  • It's a window Dev kit with an arm CPU and GPU and it includes native arm 64 visual studio and .Net support to provide the same fast familiar and highly productive experience that you're used to.

Project Volterra will be available later this year and you can get started today by building on our cloud and taking advantage of all these fantastic AI tooling and services it's just the beginning of what will be possible.

Project Volterra

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