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Microsoft Build is the biggest annual conference event held by Microsoft, it is aimed at software engineers and developers using Microsoft technologies. 

To learn more about Microsoft Build, Please check What's Microsoft Build? 

At Microsoft Build 2022, Microsoft introduced more than 50+ new updates and services across the tech stack to make creating easier for every developer.

Microsoft Build 2022 updates

In this post, we're gonna briefly talk about the Cloud Ubiquity and its related announcements that were introduced by Satya Nadella in Microsoft Build 2022.

Cloud Ubiquity

In the ubiquity of the cloud, Microsoft is seeing a major acceleration in the build-out of a highly distributed computing fabric from the cloud to the edge as they embed computing everywhere.

Azure is the world's computer with 60-plus data center regions connected by over 175 000 miles of fiber over 190 points of presence this delivers faster access to cloud services while addressing the critical data residency requirements and Microsoft is not stopping there.

Cloud Ubiquity

With Azure ARC, Microsoft is bringing the power of Azure anywhere customers now can run mission-critical data workloads in their own environments while meeting latency and regulatory requirements with azure for operators.

In Microsoft Build 2022, Microsoft announced

Azure Arc updates

Azure Arc is a set of technologies that enable simplified management, faster app development, and consistent Azure services anywhere.

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