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Microsoft Build is the biggest annual conference event held by Microsoft, it is aimed at software engineers and developers using Microsoft technologies. 

To learn more about Microsoft Build, Please check What's Microsoft Build? 

At Microsoft Build 2022, Microsoft introduced more than 50+ new updates and services across the tech stack to make creating easier for every developer.

Microsoft Build 2022 updates

In this post, we're gonna briefly talk about Cloud Native technology announcements that Satya Nadella introduced in Microsoft Build 2022.

Cloud-Native Updates

Today all cloud-native development starts with riding a Microservices, and Microservices help teams build and deliver scale applications faster than traditional architectures

Containers have emerged as the industry standard to go from code to cloud-native and to scale from zero to infinity as your load in business requires.

Cloud native updates


Microsoft has been super excited about the response to the preview of Azure container apps to fully managed serverless container service for building and deploying modern apps at scale.

It allows you to create modern apps based on open standards, and it's all built on Kubernetes so you can get the benefits of the open ecosystem but no prior Kubernetes experience or knowledge is required you can easily deploy containerized apps from Docker containers or source code repos without having to worry about managing your own infrastructure and your apps can scale in response to HTTP traffic or event triggers.

Announcing Azure Container Apps

In Microsoft Build 2022, Microsoft announced the General Availability of Azure Container Apps.

General Availability of Azure Container Apps

Azure Container Apps is an app-centric service, empowering developers to focus on the differentiating business logic of their apps rather than on cloud infrastructure management.

  • It executes app code packaged in any Linux-based container without enforcing opinionated runtimes or programming models.  Scale all the way down to zero or scale out to meet global demand in response to HTTP requests or events.
  • Alternatively, Azure Container Apps supports running apps as always-on background services.

Getting Started with Azure Container Apps

We’re looking forward to the apps you and your team will deploy to Azure Container Apps! To learn more:

Read more at Azure Container Apps General Availability

Announcing Azure Confidential Containers on ACI

Another announcement that is in private preview was the Azure confidential computing which helps you build not just for scale but also for confidentiality. It protects data when in use as well as at rest and in transit.

Azure Confidential containers

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Announcing Azure DCSV3  

Also, Microsoft announced the general availability of Azure DCSV3 VMS running on 3rd gen Intel Xeon processors with Intel software guard extensions.

general availability to Azure DCSV3 VMS-min

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