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Some participants choose not to speak during the meeting and instead submit their questions in the chat window. However, these chat messages are not included in the recordings made in Microsoft Teams.

Is there a way to include the chat messages that occur during a meeting in the recording when using Microsoft Teams?

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Is it possible to include chat in recording in Microsoft Teams?

As a short answer, No, Microsoft Teams recordings currently don't capture the chat messages exchanged during a meeting. The recording focuses on audio, video, and screen sharing activity.

There are a couple of workarounds you can consider:

1) Copy and Paste the chat window

  • While screen sharing your own screen, you can specifically focus on the chat window to capture the conversation alongside the meeting content.
  • After the meeting, you can copy the chat history and paste it into a separate document for reference.

2) Perform Manual Screenshots

  • Participants can manually take screenshots of the chat window during the meeting.

3) Use Third-Party Recording Software

  • Third-party screen recording software like OBS Camtasia might offer features to capture both the video/audio of the meeting as well as the chat messages.

4) Use Q&A Feature

  • Q&A allows participants to ask questions and receive answers from presenters or designated moderators. However, the Q&A content is not automatically included in the recording, organizers and presenters can download a report that includes all the Q&A content.

If capturing chat in recordings is important for you, you can share your feedback through the https://feedbackportal.microsoft.com/.

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Looks like the fourth option makes sense
If you don’t ask, the answer is always NO!