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Staying up to date with a specific product is not easy, here we're gonna list most of Power BI resources that would help you to learn, receive the latest insights, exclusive news, surveys, tips and advice, and other information for getting the most out of Power BI.

power bi resources

Top 20 Power BI Resources

Top 20 ResourcesOur resources will be divided into the below main sections:

  1. Power BI Learning Path.
  2. Power BI Certificates.
  3. Power BI Newsletter.
  4. Power BI Documentations.
  5. Power BI Announcements and Features Summary Monthly Updates.
  6. Power BI Roadmap.
  7. Power BI Communities.
  8. Power BI Events.
  9. Power BI Galleries.
  10. Power BI App Source.
  11. Power BI Download Links.
  12. Power BI valuable Web Sites.
  13. Data Platform Microsoft MVPs List.
  14. Power BI LinkedIn Learning Courses.
  15. Power BI Pluralsight Courses.
  16. Power BI Youtube Channels.
  17. Power BI Podcast.
  18. Power BI Channel 9.
  19. Power BI on GitHub.
  20. Power BI Social Media Channels.

1) Power BI Learning Path

Microsoft Learning Path is a well-organized and high-value content provided by Microsoft as a free online documentation service.

Microsoft Learning Path

Currently, Microsoft Learning Path introduces about 10 learning paths for Power BI, and we're gonna order this list from beginner to advanced level.

  1. Create and use analytics reports with Power BI (Beginner).
  2. Consume data with Power BI (Beginner).
  3. Get started with Microsoft data analytics (Intermediate).
  4. Prepare data for analysis (Intermediate).
  5. Model data in Power BI (Intermediate).
  6. Visualize data in Power BI (Intermediate).
  7. Data analysis in Power BI (Intermediate).
  8. Manage workspaces and datasets in Power BI (Intermediate).
  9. Use DAX in Power BI Desktop (Intermediate).
  10. Architect solutions for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform (Advanced).

Power BI Certificates2) Power BI Certificates

Currently, there are two certificates related directly to Power BI.

  1. Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Associate.
  2. MCSA: BI Reporting (Will be retired on Jan 31, 2021).

3) Power BI Newsletters

Power BI is one of the rare Microsoft products that has its own newsletter to receive the latest insights, exclusive news, surveys, tips, and advice from experts.

Power BI Newsletter

Click here to subscribe to the Power BI newsletter  to the newsletter 

4) Power BI Documentations

Like all Microsoft products, Power BI has fully detailed documentation that would help you to learn and get all information you need to work with Power BI.

Power BI docs

Click here to browse the full directory of Power BI documentations.

Power BI Announcements5) Power BI Announcements and Features Summary Monthly Updates

Power BI team announces new updates for Power BI Service on a monthly basis and for Power BI Report Server approximately 3 times per year.

To follow up the new Power BI updates and features, you can check Power BI Announcements.

6) Power BI Roadmap

A product roadmap is a high-level visual summary that maps out the vision and direction of your product offering over time.

Power BI roadmap

Besides the Power BI announcements, you can follow up the Microsoft Power BI roadmap the feature status (Public Preview - General Availability) at What's new and planned for Power BI?

Power BI Q&A Communities7) Power BI Q&A Communities

Power BI has a great Q&A community to ask questions and receive answers from experts in the community. Also in deBUG.to, we have a main category for Power BI to provide high-quality answers by Microsoft MVPs and other experts in our community.

8) Power BI Events

Click here to explore the upcoming Power BI events, webinars, user groups, and conferences.

9) Power BI Galleries

Click here to browse the Power BI featured demos and dashboard samples.

Power BI Galleries

Power BI App Source10) Power BI App Source

Click here to browse more than 500 Power BI apps and visuals.

11) Power BI Download Links

Power BI SItes12) Power BI Valuable Web Sites

Here, we're gonna list the most valuable Power BI websites and blogs and we will update this list periodically.

Power BI MVPs13) Date Platform Microsoft MVPs List

There are about 371 MVPs over the world who were awarded the most valuable professional award from Microsoft in the data platform category,

Browse the MVPs list and find the experts in your country at Microsoft MVPs, You might also like to browse the list of Power BI employees in Microsoft on LinkedIn.

14) Power BI LinkedIn Learning Courses

Below is the list of popular Power BI courses on LinkedIn Learning

15) Power BI Pluralsight Courses

Below is the list of popular Power BI courses on Pluralsight

16) Power BI Youtube Channels

Below is the list of popular Power BI channels/playlists on Youtube

17) Power BI Podcast

Power BI podcastBelow is a list of Power BI and data analytics popular Podcast

18) Power BI Channel 9

Click here to browse the list of popular Power BI videos on Channel 9.

1Power BI Github9) Power BI on GitHub

Below is the list of the valuable repositories and Users on GitHub

Power BI Social Networks20) Power BI Social Media Channels

Note: We're gonna update this list periodically, also, if you have any high-quality resources that make an impact on the community please, share them in the comments!

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