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In Power BI, I have a request to add a filter (slicer) to the dashboard, and based on the slicer selection I should show/hide bookmarks.

What I need exactly is show and hide visual based on slicer Power BI 

Power BI show and hide visual based on slicer

I know it is easy to use bookmarks But I asking if there is any way to link slicer to a bookmark in Power BI?

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Power BI show and hide visual based on slicer

After searching it's not applicable directly to show and hide visual/bookmark based on slicer. however, the below workaround should work

Change Bookmark based on slicer in Power BI


  • First, you need to create a hidden page for each view.

Create a hidden page in Power BI

  • Create a Data table to define the Page title (which will display in slicer) and Page Location (Page name which you have saved it on the Powerbi).

Create a data table in Power BI

  • Create a Slicer filter based on the table.

Create a slicer based on a table

  • Make sure you are choosing "Single select" from selection controls Properties.

Slicer selection option in Power BI

  • Create a Measure with the below formula.

Create selected value formula

    Navigation Page = SELECTEDVALUE('navigation'[Location],"Home")

we use SELECTEDVALUE to get the selected value from the Slicer filter, read more at power bi measure based on slicer

  • Create a button and change the action type to "Page Navigation"

Create page navigation in Power BI

  • then from the destination press "Fx" and select the form fields the measure which was created on the previous step Navigation Page

Configure Navigation Page

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