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I am a global admin and I need to provide user permission to access and use the activity and usage reports in Microsoft Team. How I can grant a particular user to show these usage reports and Who else can access and show usage reports in Microsoft Team?

permission for usage reports in Microsoft Teams

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Who can access the Microsoft Team Usage Reports?

The user activity and device usage reports can be accessed by users that are assigned:

  1. Global admin role
  2. Product-specific admin role (Exchange, Skype for Business, or SharePoint)
  3. Reports reader role

In your case, you should grand this user a Reports reader role to can only read and open these reports.

  1. Log in to Azure Active Directory at https://aad.portal.azure.com.
  2. Click on Users > Click on the user name that you would like to assign Report Reader role to him/her.
  3. Click on the Assigned Roles > + Add Assignments.
  4. Search for Reports reader role, and click Add.

assign report readers in azure active directory

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