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At Microsoft Build 2021, Microsoft introduced more than 100 new updates and services across the tech stack to make creating easier for every developer, One of these great updates is Power Platform Extension for Visual Studio.

Microsoft Build 2021 announcing more than 100 upates

What's Power Platform Extension for VS Code?

The Power Platform extension is a tool to create Power Platform packages and manage Power Platform environments.

  • It's a new Visual Studio Code extension that would help you to
    • Publish APIs to Power Platform.
    • Build Power Platform components.
    • Easily manage Power Platform environments.
    • Configure Power Apps Portals through the portal’s support for Power Apps CLI.
    • Allows the developer to create, build and deploy Power Platform solutions, packages and portals.
  • The Power Platform Visual Studio Code extension will be available across different Operating System platforms like Windows and Mac OS.

Power Platform VS Code Extension will be available in preview on Windows in June 2021. 

Power Platform VS Code Extension

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