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Microsoft Azure

Get hands-on guidance to build modern data warehouses with the combined power of analytics and Azure in this in this free Cloud Analytics with Microsoft Azure from Packt.

This book will help you to maximize your business intelligence investments by bringing data together from all your sources with Azure Synapse Analytics. Put your data to work to gain a deeper understanding of your business, and move from reactive reporting to predictive, actionable insights. 

Cloud Analytics with Microsoft Azure book features

  • Unify data siloes to deliver insights to all.
  • Enable advanced security control across all data.
  • Achieve unlimited growth into petabyte-scale analytics.
  • Realize unmatched price-performance of up to 14 times faster at a 94 percent lower cost than other cloud providers.   

Book Info 

  • Book Name: Cloud Analytics with Microsoft Azure.
  • Category: Azure.
  • Published Date: 11/04/2019.
  • Payment: Free.
  • Introduced by: Microsoft.
  • # Pages: 243 pages.
  • Authors: Has Altaiar, Jack Lee and Michael Peña.
  • Book URL: Cloud Analytics with Microsoft Azure.

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