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In Microsoft Build 2022, Microsoft also announced the awesome Power Pages, enabling anyone to build modern secure, responsive business websites quickly.

Announcing Power Pages

  • Microsoft Power Pages offers a comprehensive set of design development and security options, simple authoring, and advanced admin options.
  • Power Pages enables customers to build interactive low-code, external-facing websites with business data—hosted on a secure platform.
  • Power Pages combines low-code capabilities and experiences that empower anyone to create and deliver business-centric, data-powered, modern and secure websites.
  • you’re a low-code maker or professional developer, this low-code, scalable, and secure solution empower you to build business-centric websites quickly and easily.

What's Power Pages

Introduction to Power Pages?

In this video list, we have introduced a detailed introduction about the Microsoft Pages as a new member of the Microsoft Power Platform that enables you to o build low-code responsive websites for anonymous & external user access to interact with the data stored in Microsoft Dataverse.

Microsoft Power Pages QnA

We have also answered more than 30 questions related to Power Pages as the following:

  1. What are Power Pages?
  2. Who is Power Pages for?
  3. What's the difference between Power Apps Portals and Power Pages?
  4. What’re Power Pages Features?
  5. What will happen to current Power Apps Portals?
  6. In what regions are Power Pages available?
  7. What’s the Power Pages required license?
  8. What's the expected date for GA?
  9. How to access Power Page?
  10. Sites created by Power Pages, have a custom URL?
  11. Is Power Pages responsive?
  12. Can I use Web API in Power Pages?
  13. Can I build my template and share it with others for reuse?
  14. Can I use custom CSS to brand my own site?
  15. Do Power Pages support Multilingual and RTL and Arabic?
  16. Can we add Power Virtual Agents to our site in Power Pages?
  17. Can I embed Canvas App in Power Pages?
  18. ​Do Power Pages allow for formulas in PowerApps?
  19. Is Power Pages the "modern experience" version of the current Power Portals platform?
  20. Is Power Pages renamed refreshed version of Power Portals?
  21. Will there be any certifications for Power Pages?
  22. How to use JavaScript and jQuery on pages?
  23. Is Power Pages going to be SEO optimized?
  24. Is Power Pages can be a replacement for websites hosted in Azure as Web App?
  25. Is there analytics in Power Platform Admin Center?
  26. Can I add Google Ads in Power Pages?
  27. Are there Connectors in Power Pages like Power Automate?
  28. Can we use the SharePoint list in Power Pages?
  29. Power pages can only connect with Dataverse? Can it connect with SQL?
  30. Can we embed SharePoint Page inside this Power Pages?
  31. Can Power Pages be edited with VS Code?
  32. Can we automate Power Pages with application lifecycle management workflows with GitHub and Azure DevOps?
  33. How to get started with Power Pages?

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