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I got this message "You don't have access to the Teams admin center." when trying to access the Microsoft Teams Admin Center through https://admin.teams.microsoft.com

You don't have access to the Teams admin center

I need to know Which roles should be assigned to my account to can access Microsoft Admin Center without getting "You don't have access to the Teams admin center."

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Which Teams role do you need to access the Microsoft Teams Admin Center?

To access the Teams Admin Center, a user must be assigned to one of the following admin roles:

  1. Global Administrator
  2. Teams Admin
    • Manage the Teams service, and manage and create Microsoft 365 Groups.
  3. Teams communication admin
    • Manage calling and meetings features within the Teams service.
  4. Skype for Business admin (might be deprecated in the future)

How to Assign Teams admin roles?

To assign Teams admin roles in the Microsoft 365 admin center, you will need to perform the following steps:

  1. Sign-in to the Microsoft 365 admin center using a Global administrator account.
  2. Select Users, and then select Active Users.
  3. Search for a user and then select the user getting the role assignment.
  4. On the user page, under Roles section, select Manage Roles.
  5. Select Admin center access.
  6. Select the role to assign to the user (for example, Teams service admin), and then select Save changes.

Assign Teams admin roles in Microsoft 365 admin center

Read more at Teams roles and capabilities

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