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In the PowerApps canvas app, I connect to the SharePoint list that contains a person column and I want to display the current user in the combo box of this person column. I try to write the User().fullName but was not successful. So How can I perform set the default value for a person or group column in SharePoint Online using PowerApps?

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Your formula is not correct because the Person column in SharePoint accepts a record of user information and you give it a string "the user full Name" so you have to set the defalutselecteditems to be a record of the current user "user information that you need and claims".

So please use the bellow formula in the defalutselecteditems property of your person control in PowerApps

    DisplayName: User().FullName,
    Claims: "i:0#.f|membership|" & Office365Users.MyProfile().UserPrincipalName

For more details about the claims and person column, see this example Set Combo Box Default to Current User and Save in SharePoint List Person column

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Thank you, it solve  my issue
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