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I have a matrix visual in Power BI that I need to show data from right to left. Is there a way to show a matrix from right to left in Power BI?

I am using the default matrix visual and I have tried reordering the columns, but that doesn't work.

RTL Matrix in Power BI

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Is it possible to Switch the Matrix from Right to Left Power BI?

Unfortunately, In Power BI, there is no direct option to change the direction of a matrix from right to left to support the Arabic language.

Workarounds to show the Matrix from Right to Left Power BI

1) Transform your Data

If your data source allows you can transform your data to reverse your rows to columns, You can do this using Pivot Columns as mentioned at Power BI convert rows to columns

convert rows to columns in Power BI

2) Use Custom Visuals from AppSource

Explore the Power BI Custom Visuals in AppSource for third-party visuals that might provide the right-to-left functionality you're looking for.

If the above workarounds didn't help to show your matrix from right to left, I would suggest voting to this idea to let Microsoft Team Power BI work on this feature

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