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How can I change text color based on a condition in powerapps?

For example, if I have a label control that displays some calculation on it, I want to change the color depending on a condition say 

  • If the label equal to 5 shows the label color as red.
  • If the value is greater than 5, it should display green color?

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Multiple conditional statements to change the color of the control

Try to use this formula to change the text color of control based on a specific condition in power apps

If(Value(Label.Text)=5,Red,Value(Label.Text)>5, Green)

Note: In the above formula, you can add more conditions as you prefer

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hi how can i apply this but based on days passed.
1 days old =GREEN
2 days old= yellow
4 days=red.

i tried using this formula in the color cell for font but it only changes it to red. I must have something wrong. Please help. If(ThisItem.'ARRIVAL DATE.'<=Today()+1,RGBA(249,31,38,1),ThisItem.'ARRIVAL DATE.'>=Today()-2,RGBA(44,210,47,1),ThisItem.'ARRIVAL DATE.'<=Today()-3&&ThisItem.'ARRIVAL DATE.'>=Today()-4,RGBA(232,225,27,1),ThisItem.'ARRIVAL DATE.'>Today()-5,RGBA(249,132,31,1))
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